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Training for Companies

At Safe Driver training we understand that companies have different needs to enable them to comply with all the different Acts and obligations of being an employer. Infringements will have an effect on your companies Operator Rating System (ORS).

​Ongoing training for all staff, helps to show that you are “taking reasonably practicable steps” to be compliant with relevant Health and Safety and Employment Legislation.

​We are able to offer quality driver training and licencing, customized to your individual business needs to help you manage your company’s driver training.

Book your drivers on one of our public courses or contact us to discuss your requirements for on-site training for a group of your employees.

8:00 - 19:00

8:00 - 19:00

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022 581 90 07

022 581 90 07

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Services we offer

  • Driver Licencing. NZTA approved licencing courses; Classes 2, 4 & 5.
  • Licence Endorsements. NZTA approved endorsements for Rollers (R), Tracks (T) and Wheels (W), Forklift (F), Dangerous Goods (D)
  • Forklift Operator Training – Work Safe NZ OSH training
  • Pre-employment Driver Evaluation. We can help you save money by offering pre-employment evaluations, helping you to employ the right person for your vacant position.
  • Driver Evaluations. For drivers already employed by you, this can help identify any areas that may require further training.
  • Driver Training. To get the best from your driver and their vehicle, with the aim of reducing incidents and running costs.
  • Logbook Refresher Courses. Are your drivers up to date? With all the changes over recent years a refresher course will reinforce what are the legal requirements for drivers and their employers and hopefully reduce your driver’s/company infringements.

Remember under the chain of responsibility managers are also held to account.
Our courses are also ideal for owners, supervisors, managers and owner drivers to help
keep them up-to-date with their work-time and logbook responsibilities.​

022 581 90 07

022 581 90 07

Call Us For Free Consultation

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Professional training


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We work with clients of different levels of education

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All round
professional service

Using modern vehicles

training resources

Safety is our main concern,
as it is yours

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