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Dangerous Goods Course

"This course is designed to train drivers, loaders and
handlers how to transport and handle hazardous and

Dangerous Goods legally and safely"

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NZTA Approved Study Materials

We use easy to follow Dangerous Goods
guides to help you understand strict
Dangerous Goods rules and regulations

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Do you know when to use
this DG placard?

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Do you know what this DG
placard mean?


Land Transport Rule: Dangerous Goods 2005

Dangerous Goods Course

  • Dangerous Goods Course
  • GST included in Price
This course is designed to train drivers, loaders and Dangerous Goods handlers how to transport and handle hazardous  and Dangerous Goods legally and safely.

DG course covers following Unit Standards

  • Unit Standard 16718 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of law and practice for the transport of Dangerous Goods by road.  Level 3 Credits 5 ​

DG Course Covers

  • Driver and loader responsibilities relating to the transport of Dangerous Goods;
  • Documentation requirements relating to the transport of Dangerous Goods;
  • Requirements for packages containing Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities (DGLQ), consumer commodities, small packages, and excepted packages;
  • Segregation requirements and segregation of Dangerous Goods;
  • Placarding requirements and placard vehicles and freight containers containing Dangerous Goods;
  • Actions and considerations in the event of an incident or emergency.

Transport of Dangerous Goods as Tools of Trade

On successful completion of this course
you will get following​​

  • You will receive a NZTA course certificate to show that you completed the course that you are going to exchange for driver’s license to obtain D endorsement at your local licensing Agent (e.g. AA, VTNZ)
  • Segregation wheel
  • Dangerous Goods Quick Guide book    
Important Note:
  • You cannot drive with just the certificate - it is not a licence.
  • YOU MUST present this Certificate to Licensing Station within 60 days and apply for D endorsement, otherwise you will have to pay for and re-sit the course again
  • Drivers must have a minimum of a NZ Class 1 (car) Learner Licence.
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