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New Zealand driver licence classes: what you can drive

In-cab training & Assessment

  • Pre-Employment training and assessment time allocated for 2 hours.
  • GST included in Price
Our in cab training and assessment  is ideal for companies who want to assess drivers before employing them or to support operators ‘on the job’ with instruction, coaching and training in real life conditions.​
These in-cab training & Assessment focused  on reducing Vehicle Operating Costs and  improving and maintaining Safety and Compliance with Industry requirements and covers both Pre-Employment and existing drivers.

All Assessments consist of following

  • Pre- Drive Vehicle checks. This includes Documentation and mechanical checks.
  • Vehicle skills. This includes On-road skills ,Gearbox usage as well as appropriate usage of all the auxiliary equipment. 
  • Vehicle reversing and parking
  • VDAM 2016 updates and training
  • Drive time of 1 hrs driving around set route to include all appropriate driving conditions. (Pre-Employment assessment only) 
  • On-Job assessments are available and duration depends on different work requirements. 
  • Written report containing comments and suggestions  documenting all aspects found during the assessment.
  • Report is sent to Driver's company representative within 1 work day. 

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