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How to get Class 5 Truck License


Class 5 Truck license

 Class 5   - Heavy combination vehicle with a gross combined  mass (GCM) of more than 25,000kg. This includes vehicles such as Truck and semi trailer, Truck and Full trailer, truck and B-train combination vehicles. 

Steps to get your Class 5 Learner License

Class 5   - Heavy combination vehicle with a gross combined  mass (GCM) of more than 25,000kg. This includes vehicles such as Truck and semi trailer, Truck and Full trailer, truck and B-train combination vehicles. 
Before you can apply for Class 5  Learner License you must have held your a full Class 4 Full license for at least 6 month (if you are under 25 years old) or at least 3 month (if you are older than 25 years old). Here is step-by-step guide to get your Class 5 Learner Licence: 

Study Road Code

Road Code is a A user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices for drivers of heavy vehicles. While you are waiting for compulsory 6 month waiting period you can study the Road Code and save you a time. You can purchase it from your local book shop or licensing station. Also you can study road code online. Here is a link: Heavy Vehicle Road Code. You can also purchase 10 sets of 35 questions official test questions for $15 at to have additional practice.


Pass Medical Test

You have to confirm that you are medically fit to operate heavy vehicles. You'll need to present a medical certificate when applying for your class 5 learner licence, unless you've provided a certificate within the last five years. A New Zealand-registered health practitioner must complete your medical certificate. This could be your usual doctor (GP) or a registered nurse. Your practitioner will have copies. The certificate must be no more than 60 days old. The cost varies between medical centres. For more information you can reffer to this link: How to show that you are medically fit.

Pass Theory Test

Take your current photo driver license and medical certificate to your local licensing station (AA, VTNZ) and fill in (DL1) application form and apply at for your Class 5 Learner license. (applications are available at any licensing station). The Cost to sit your Class 5 Learner license theory test is $93.90.
To pass the computer based theory test you will need to get at least 33 questions right out of 35 question. I have developed an easy study guide for you to learn road code. Follow this link to receive your study guide: Road Code Questions and Answers. Once you pass theory test you'll be given a temporary learner licence. You will receive your driver licence card in your mail within 7 - 21 days. Now start thinking about who you'd like to coach you. 

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How to Get Class 5 Full License

You can apply for your class 5 full license once you have gained your Class 5 Learner License. There are 2 ways to get your class 5 full license:
- pass Class 5 Practical test at licensing Agent (AA or VTNZ), or
- successfully complete a NZTA  approved class 2 license course. 
To help you consider your options, below you can find options description

Class 5 
Practical Test

This is a cheapest option to get your class 5 full license.
To get your Class 5 Full License you would need to pass a Practical test at your local driver licensing agent (AA or VTNZ). You can book your practical test on NZTA website: Book a practical Driver licensing test. The cost to book your practical test is $109.50. Also you would have to supply Class 5 truck for your practical test. It will be at the extra cost. We can help you to get ready for practical test by providing you practical training and supplying you a Class 5 truck for your driving test. Further information you can inquire by contact us. 

Class 5 NZTA
Approved course

This is a quickest option to get class 5 full license.
By completing a NZTA approved course you fast track obtaining Class 5 full license without having to wait 6 month. The course is designed to give you knowledge about Work time and Logbook rule (Unit Standard 24089 Work Time/Fatigue/Logbook) and how to Operate Class 5 trucks (Unit Standard 17577 Operate Class 5 trucks). It is a 2 day course and it consist of theory and practical components. When you successfully complete the course you will be given a NZTA certificate. You must take this certificate to your local driver licensing agent (AA or VTNZ) and apply for a Class 5 Full license. You wont need to sit a practical test. For more information click on link below.

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